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Retire To Portugal

Why Retire In Portugal?

Welcome to Portugal, a charming and diverse country that offers a perfect blend of rich history, stunning landscapes, and a high quality of life. If you are considering retiring abroad, Portugal provides an ideal retirement destination with its warm climate, friendly locals, and affordable living costs. At Portugal Buyers, we are here to help you make your dream retirement a reality. As experts in real estate and relocation services, we offer a range of personalized solutions to ensure a smooth and enjoyable transition to your new life in Portugal.

What Is The D7 Visa?

The D7 Visa is a popular residency option for individuals planning to retire in Portugal. It is designed for non-EU citizens with a reliable and steady source of passive income, such as retirement pensions, rental income, or investments. This visa allows retirees to reside in Portugal for an extended period and enjoy the country’s beautiful landscapes, warm climate, and rich cultural heritage.

With the D7 Visa, you can experience the charm and tranquility of Portugal’s towns and cities, explore its breathtaking coastline, and immerse yourself in the vibrant local culture. The visa application process involves meeting specific financial requirements and submitting the necessary documentation to the Portuguese authorities. We will assist you with everything so you can relax knowing everything is being handled.

D7 Visa Requirements & Application Process

To apply for the D7 Visa and retire in Portugal, you need to meet certain requirements and follow a straightforward application process. Here’s what you need to know:


  1. Proof of Income: As a retiree, you must demonstrate a reliable and steady source of passive income, such as retirement pensions, rental income, or investments. The Portuguese authorities require evidence of sufficient funds to support yourself and your dependents during your stay.

  2. Health Insurance: You will need to obtain comprehensive health insurance that covers medical expenses during your stay in Portugal.

  3. Clean Criminal Record: Applicants must provide a clean criminal record certificate from their home country or countries where they have resided for the past year.

Application Process:

  1. Gather Documentation: Collect all necessary documents, including proof of income, health insurance, criminal record certificate, and other required paperwork.

  2. Portuguese Consulate: Submit your visa application to the Portuguese consulate or embassy in your home country. Ensure that all documents are properly translated into Portuguese if necessary.

  3. Financial Planning: Financial planning is essential for the success of your visa application. Partner with financial advisors to organize your finances and ensure they meet the Portuguese authorities’ requirements.

  4. Interview (Optional): Some consulates may require an interview to assess your intention to retire in Portugal and your ability to support yourself financially.

  5. Wait for Approval: After submitting your application, you will need to wait for the Portuguese authorities to process it. The processing time may vary depending on the consulate’s workload and other factors.

  6. Visa Issuance: Once your application is approved, you will receive your D7 Visa, granting you long-term residency in Portugal.

Navigating the D7 Visa application process can be overwhelming, but Portugal Buyers is here to provide personalized assistance and guidance throughout. Our team of experts will ensure that all your documents are in order and that you meet the requirements for a smooth and successful application.

To apply for the D7 Visa, retirees must demonstrate that they have a regular passive income that meets the minimum requirements set by the Portuguese government. They will also need to show that they have health insurance and a clean criminal record. The application process can be complex, and it is recommended that retirees seek professional assistance to ensure that they meet all the requirements and have the necessary documents.

Our Tailored Approach To Retirement Relocation

At Portugal Buyers, we take pride in our tailored approach to retirement relocation. We understand that every retiree has unique preferences, needs, and aspirations when considering a move to Portugal. Our dedicated team of experts works closely with each client to craft a personalized relocation plan that aligns with their specific requirements and lifestyle goals. From assisting with visa applications and financial planning to providing comprehensive information about Portugal’s regions and real estate options, we ensure that every aspect of the relocation process is carefully considered and customized. Our hands-on approach and attention to detail guarantee that retirees feel confident and supported throughout their journey to Portugal. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we aim to make retirement relocation a seamless and enriching experience for all our clients.